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Yes this is what I predicted they would release. QHY somehow seemed to get their hands on this sensor and are about to sell a OSC cooled camera with this sensor.

How much better it would be than a straight A7riv I suppose is up for debate.

As far as noise goes, longer exposures and stacking handles that.

As far as potential star eater goes, hopefully Sony has improved their algorithim as they seem to have with A7riii and A7iii models. But would it be good enough for serious deep sky? No doubt there will be many threads about it within a few months when its in the hands of enthusiasts.

16 image pixel shift could be useful on a tracked scope as it means full colour on every pixel so similar in a way to filtered imaging which is usually one of the weaknesses of Bayer imaging - only 1 in 4 gets a particular colour (except green which gets 2 in 4). A7riii already does 4 image pixel shift which I have found to give better colour depth and also reduce noise.

Not needing a computer, small light and portable plus you can use it for other types of photography. Plus it will be less than half the price of the QHY model.

A7riv will have super low read noise as does the A7rii and A7riii as well as the A7iii.

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