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And crawl I did today ..what else can you do when you build a wall laying flat on the ground☺.
After many small and most stupid mistakes I have completed the first wall..frame cladding insulation and ply panelling on the inside ...this one is the cruticial one as it sets the squareness and has the doorway...the others should not take long...The hex driver was too small for the large screws so I had to use a socket and ratchet. ..that slowed things down and each hole needed a large hole in one piece of timber and a smaller hole in the other so changing drills slowed me down..still neede butter one the screws to manage the hardwood..butter makes it better☺...admittedly there is still daylight and I have time to do perhaps the remaining walls but to be honest I am spent at the moment so rather than over tax myself I decided to stop.
And I think I can get away with cutting two small trees of only about 100 mm width and perhaps ring bark two others to get a view of the CSP. AND ...more good news..I have scored some paver bricks which I can use for the floor short term and when they settle perhaps cover with a cement skin...but even just the pavers will allow me to lay the plastic timber flooring...and found one of those old fence post hole diggers which I can use to get holes for the piers ..its a most robust unit and very heavy which means it will dig well...may have to buy some star pickets they can be both plentiful and scarce in the bush.
Sorry for no photo of today but I forgot to take my phone on purpose so I would not be interrupted.. .forgot about photos.
The new drill is a little ripper..forward and reverse, variable speed and a depth gauge which was real handy. Runs off the little genny which is a boon as the larger genny is just a little heavy for me to lift into the car.
And I will get to use the angle grinder as I found some chain that I can take a section from so I can padlock the gate...isnt it exciting☺ ...but like most jobs the more you do the more there is to do...
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