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Hi Peter,

there have been lots arguments and it's hard to put it all together (and I hope I didn't miss a contribution already having said the following).
There is one of your statements that might have pushed you in a wrong direction:
Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I hear what you are saying point however is a 10" can only gather 10" worth of flux.
Optimal sampling will help better detect what's hitting the focal just won't give you more photons down the pipe
The point is, that only a part of the light hitting your 10" mirror will also hit your sensor. All the light coming from outside your aperture angle will be lost.
Now, if you add a reducer like Suavi did and make your scope 'faster', you will increase the aperture angle and thereby also increase the total amount of light hitting your sensor. I.e. less of the light coming from your mirror will hit the camera housing.
(This is the exactly the same what Rick and others arged, only from a different point of view.)
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