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I'm using an EQ mount. Had it before i started video. but many or even most video astro people use alt-az mounts as easier to setup (a few brave souls don't even use tracking mounts - but they are crazy). With short subs no star trails especially with short focal length scopes. Look here for shots by others
Plus there's a thread above that with pics of the setups they use.

It aint astrophotography. Compare my lagoon to those in the astrophotography threads - they get much more detail and lower noise. But this is live and in colour.

I wouldn't recommend video to someone just starting astro. The camera is an extra learning curve. And your scope dictates what sort of objects you can see.

Originally Posted by Stonius View Post
I'm assuming this must be from an EQ mounted scope, otherwise 8 secs would surely trail the stars.

And if that's the case, I'm starting to think the distinction between video astronomy with stacked subs and actual astrophotography is vanishingly small. Am I missing something here?


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