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I was drawn like a moth the flame of the Sony alpha series and discovered a camera that was beginning to feel and act like something I would expect in an internet connected world, and was especially interested to discover that you can buy apps for it including star trails and time lapse software.

My dilemma though would be the choice between the A7R and A7S which are so different, and I just feel that the monster pixels of the A7S are a big price to pay for the increased sensitivity, on the other hand...[/QUOTE]

Sony is about to release a 50mp full frame pro E mount camera in Jan/Feb. Its supposed to be a challenge to the Pro DSLRs. Time will tell if its up to the job. I have an A7r and love it for its form and I quite like the Zeiss lenses. D800e is a bit of a smoother camera but harder to get the shot in my opinion. A7r can be complex or act like a point and shoot which I like.

See the video of the Northern Lights Mike Salway linked. That is shot with an A7s. Also I have seen some comparisons between high ISO video from Canon 5D111 Canon C100, GH4 and A7s and the A7s beats them all easily although colour may not be as good as the Canons. A7s is the class leader for low light. For daylight still very good but 12mp isn't going to show 36mp resolution.

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