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Firmware version

Hello Andrew!

So sorry for the delay in responding!
I have followed your instructions and have now set the control to my LX90.
Firmware said Version 22et

Thanks again mate!


Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
Gday Jason

Dont worry about that too much yet.
The fact you are seeing "German South" indicates the handbox is currently set up for an LXD75.
Just start the mount and hit mode until you get to the main menus.
After getting to the main menu, select Setup>Telescope> and scroll through the options
One will be model, where you can select LX90
Next will be Mount where you can select AltAz or Polar
Then hit mode back to the main menus and scroll to utilities
In that menu is a statistics section, and under that, you can see what firmware version is loaded. Report back on what it says and we can point you to the latest firmware ( if reqd )
Then study up on drive training ;-)
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