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To align the finderscope, you'll need to get the scope outside and with an eyepiece installed find a stationary target at least several hundred metres away, preferably something with a small but easily recognizable feature, like a streetlight lamp or similar. Once it's centred in the eyepiece, look through your finderscope and gradually adjust the two small thumbscrews on the finderscope to get the object centred in the crosshairs. Hopefully it'll at least be in the finderscope's field of view when you first look, if not you'll need to do a little more vigorous tweaking to find the object. Once the object is centred in both the eyepiece and finderscope, you're right to go. You'll probably need to check this every time you use it.
As for the controller, if you get your scope to a telescope shop that stocks the same model, they would hopefully be able to rig one up to see if your scope works.
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