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Bummer - the person I bought the scope from said they had the controller just misplaced along with the eyepiece and could never find again.

Anyway might be a dumb question, but can I use the scope without the controller ie 'manually'? I dont want to buy a controller if the scope is a wreck. So happy to buy an eyepiece first to see if it is worth investing further.
I will scour these forums to see about these pieces of kit. Any recommendations for a first eyepiece??

Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
Gday Jason
The mount will not work without a hand controller, as 95% of the smarts for an LX90 are in the handbox.
You need to get a 497 or Audiostar type handbox.
The 497s are hard to find now, but if you can find one second hand it will work. Audiostars can be bought new but you may need to change the firmware to make it work properly with the LX90.
As to eyepieces, the std issue with most Meades is a 26mm Plossl.
Its a nice size to cover most stuff when you are beginning.

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