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Lx-90 gps

Some questions as i am still learning the lingo:-

1. Diagonal. I am *guessing* that this is literally the diagonal piece that you would attach the eye piece to, right? If so yes, there is a Bintel one attached.
2. testing electronics. I will need that controller/handset (missing) right? or is there another way to test this?
3. How do i align the finderscope?
4. What is collimation?

Originally Posted by m11 View Post
Hi Numaniod,

I am no expert in sct scopes but i would recommend:
  • post some pics of the mirrors and scope itself
  • do you have a diagonal with the scope?
  • i would be wanting to test the electronics, does it power on. A handset will probably be required to test if the scope is fully operational
  • if you can get a simple low power eyepiece and have the diagonal, i would test the scope. Let it cool down as well. You can still use the scope manually. You will need to probably align the finderscope as well.
  • i would recommended to check its collimation as well.
  • i am not across people who service scts in Briabane. Maybe others will have suggestions.

Hope it helps and best of luck

One thing, enjoy the journey.

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