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Lx-90 gps


New to this Forum so please be patient if I am not following protocol!

I am absolutely a newbie to Astronomy. I was fortunate to pick up at a garage sale a MEADE LX-90 GPS. However, it never had an eyepiece or the 'controller' (?).

It came with a Viewfinder which looks like a Bintel and not the original.

So at this stage I do not even know if it is any good! Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I think that it could benefit from a good clean (internally). How best to do this? Are there specialists in Brisbane who can do this?

I would also like to purchase an eyepiece - any advice for a newbie on their first eyepiece. At this stage I just want to check if the MEADE works.

Any help, guidance will be much appreciated!

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