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This thread is turning into a quite a discussion place for video astronomy!

Craig, your original intention in your starting this thread I think has morphed into something larger!

I wonder if this thread is maybe worth considering for 'sticky' status? Video astronomy is the 'Ugly Duckling' of astroimaging, but still a powerful tool and all many people want from the imaging stakes.

For me, this thread has provided a fantastic resource that lastnight finally saw me be able to tame the little video camera I've had for close to a couple of years, to provide me with the best colour image of M42 and Eta Carina I've had on a screen! Even better, in taming it, I've come to see that the camera in the intergration process also does some image aligning so I did not get streaky stars! Even at the maximum X1064 integration rate!!!

Sorry folks, I don't have any images of last night's session as I was using a dumb monitor - I wanted to concentrate entirely on getting the camera settings down pat. All I can offer is a photo of the rig I used, a 114mm f/4.4 Tasco newt on a reclaimed Meade fork mount, coupled to a DIY wedge. The pic shows the monitor I used too. I was able to squeeze in 95% of M42 onto the screen with M43 tucked in too. Without M43 I probably would have had all of M42 on the screen - that's approximately a 1.0 TFOV {that's TWO MOON diameters, for Adrian... } with 500mm focal length.

I can't wait to rig up the camera to my C8 & my 8" f/4 scope!

I'll talk to the Higher Powers about this thread too.

Craig, MANY THANKS MATE! for starting this thread!

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