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Had a look at that Dobcam, and noticed something interesting:

My 'cheapie' camera, the Dobcam AND the Revolution imager, all the same camera!

Remember one thing - all the DSO images we are being shown with these cameras have all been taken under dark skies - light polluted skies wash out video images too. No free lunch here either. BUT, any of these cameras WILL show DSOs under urban skies that are invisible to the nsked eye, even with thecamera rigged up to an 80mm scope and you looking through a 10" scope rigjt next to it.

The neat thing about how the Dobcam is delivered, they have made an adapter that accomodates the camera inside a 2" focuser - the camera really is tiny, and does fit inside a 2" focuser! This allows for a 'non-photo optimized' scope to reach focus. An eq platform is still needed for longer integration times.

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