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Originally Posted by Rodstar View Post
I am very jealous re the servocat. Yes, one day I will get one, it is all a matter of financial priorities.....I am burning a very large hole in my pocket with a trip to France in 2011, and so I just cannot do it at the moment. I would agree that having tracking adds to the capacity to focus on an object, as does being able to sit down, rather than strain on a ladder. I am torn, when I do have the spare cash, as to whether I will prioritise getting the servocat, or getting a faster mirror for the scope (such as f/3.7) or getting Peter Read to make a folded design for my scope (making it possible to sit to observe).
Tricky decision - A new mirror isn't going to come cheap, mind you I would expect you could get more than half what your current mirror is worth back. I'm a bit on the fence about the folded designs, seems like more fiddle, more setup, more points for flexture and collimation issues etc. Much larger secondary obstruction too, which isn't going to be so much an issue for pure light grasp, but would knock a bit off the resolution I think.

Perhaps do the Servocat first and see how that improves the ladder ergonomics - I think fast mirrors are only going to get faster, cheaper and better over the next few years as more makers start doing them. I assume having your current mirror reground is a crazy suggestion ? Would Mark do it ?

A 20 F3.7 mirror would make the rose about the same height as my scope, cool huh !
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