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Hi guys,

James, I am very jealous re the servocat. Yes, one day I will get one, it is all a matter of financial priorities.....I am burning a very large hole in my pocket with a trip to France in 2011, and so I just cannot do it at the moment. I would agree that having tracking adds to the capacity to focus on an object, as does being able to sit down, rather than strain on a ladder. I am torn, when I do have the spare cash, as to whether I will prioritise getting the servocat, or getting a faster mirror for the scope (such as f/3.7) or getting Peter Read to make a folded design for my scope (making it possible to sit to observe).

pgc - I first saw IC418 through a 25 inch scope, and it was a deep orange colour. Since then, whenever I have observed it, I have seen a white central star with a core halo of mid to dark orange, and a secondary halo which is grey-white. It helps with the extra aperture. On nights of poor seeing, the colour is far less distinct, indeed, the entire halo could be generally described as drab grey!

Alex - nice write up on your blog (love your website BTW!). That Tak of yours must be awesome for tight doubles. Next time I see you guys I would like to spend some proper time seeing what the Tak can do!

Hope your third night is worthy of New Years Eve. Happy new year!
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