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Originally Posted by Slawomir View Post
Similar to Paul, because of your work I have been seriously contemplating a fast Newtonian, only a bit concerned about possible challenges associated with venturing into fast reflector territory.
Oooh look out don't let the upstairs Downton Abbey imagers hear the footman say that! One must buy only the finest exotic European optics in order to maintain the strong feeling of imaging superiority and hubris

Seriously, while you really can't compare imaging times between such vastly different rigs under such vastly different I have said before, the only reason I don't take more exposure time (most of the time) is cause I am not automated and I am probably a little lazy Having said that, I do agree my lackey micro focal length NGC 1398 could do with some more exposure

Go for it, the more fast Newtonians out there the more we can take it to the old fashioned long focal length tribe (NB. that was a harmless little joke all you long focal length folk).

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