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Originally Posted by Satchmo View Post
I'm a little mystified as to why it should be particularly complicated to collimate a Takahashi?

Assuming that the lenses were well centered and edged in manufacture ( the elements therefore having no `wedge') , and since passed a factory collimation check, then simple tilt of the whole lens assemble should be all thats required to return the scope to perfect collimation , and that can be adjusted looking at a star with a high power eyepiece whist adjusting the tilt. I thought that was one of the benefits of a refractor - freedom from any particularl complexity in collimation ?
The TOA series from takahashi is a air spaced triplet. The 3 elements are collimated separately. With 2 sets of collimation screws at the front of the scope.

It's just not a case of collimating the triplet assembly as a whole. This is just for the TOA series, but then again, I don't think I would like to collimate an fsq....

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