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It is basically my own design. Sits on top of 9 poles cemented into the ground, and about 1.5 metres above the ground. I built the frame, floor, sides etc on top of the supporting poles. (all permapine), Dimensions 2.5x2.3x1.8m. In hindsight, I would have made it longer, but room where I put it was the deciding factor. I made the roof frame separate, and around its base are 6 heavy duty castors that allow the roof to fit into the top channels one the two top sides.(shown). It was damn heavy to lift up on top the 3 odd metres. I then attached the laserlite roof panels. The tracks extends out to one side and each of the 2 tracks are supported by angle iron to the front of the observatory. This is probably the only weak link, I need to make heavier duty supports, as the roof probably weighs about 100kg.
This photo probably shows it a little better.
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