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Originally Posted by peter_4059 View Post
Based on my post tuneup PE curves, most of the PE is coming from the transfer gear and the worm (about 50% each). The transfer gear has an o-ring either side of the gear as a bearing and this is obviously not quite right. Luckily this is easy to adjust without pulling the mount apart again. There are also a number of modification options that can be looked at to replace the o-rings with spacers, or proper bearings. I just haven't got there yet.
Yep, this was my conclusion also, and it is quite visible on images above..
The transfer gears contribution can not be tuned out - I wanted to replace the gears with timing belts, everything is ready for the task but I do not have time...

PS: my mount is classic, with gearboxes (yours has only 200 s/r motors and transfer gears)
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