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observation report on Jupiter

last night,was not a great night for observing,i got out side around

9 30 pm,the moon was well up,but jupiter was near by,so i spent the

two hours, simply looking at through my vixen ED 103,mainly with vixen

LV 6mm eye piece,the seeing was not the best,as it was still faily low,

but by taking my time,and not changing objects to look at every five

minutes,i was rewarded with seeing that big spot,i have seen other

observers call this the oatmeal spot,and thats a pretty good discription.

It wasnt in in centre but still visiable for at least half an hour.As the

planet rose the viewing got better,but the spot was gone,around 11pm

it looked fairly good,i could make out ripples and cerations on belts,some

markings towards top of spheres.Now i know some will say looking through

a 4 inch isnt much good when big dobs are a dime a dozen,but the contrast

this little scope gives is great,i could easily see the moons as little spheres,they looked like peas next to a basket ball,not blobs of light.

Late in the observing session,i popped in a 9mm kelner eye piece,most

people dont like these,because of ghosting,i got this at astrofest for $20

these are a good plantary eye peice,if you have the chance to buy one

at around this price,grab one,i am supprised at the detail i can get on a planet,yes i gor a bit of ghostin last night,but i was looking at detail

on the planet,not a star cluster,i have my naglars t6,for that.the magnification of the 6mm in the scope was 132 times.Did any others observe jupiter last night?

regards Hotspur
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