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Originally Posted by LewisM View Post
Finding a bulk billing doctor in Canberra is no trivial matter - rarer than an honest politician here (no, seriously).

Opened up the bandaging today - sealed up perfectly (testament to how sharp I keep my knives) and it seems the blade cleaved and cut the nail without actually cutting the nail bed (hence relative lack of pain). No oozing, plenty of vasculation to the site, so I rinsed well in warm saline and applied betadine liberally, allowing to air dry then applying breathable dressings.

Wife always said I was an insensitive bassturd, so if I lose sensation in my bird finger, it will be more than apt
Come to the western suburbs of Melbourne, most if not all the clinics here are Bulk Billing. Can't attest to the quality of doctors in some of these clinics.
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