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I am re-using central part of existing, old turret.. it was made to fit MTO adapter (which acepts M42x1 or M39x1 thread barrels), so the hole is a bit larger than 2" thread. I already printed the interface (without thread - it is fixed (but adjustable) onto C11 2" thread by 3 screws for now, in the future I will make proper metal screw adapter).

Fitting 2" eyepiece is another matter - I have only 1.25", and I don't have suitable mirror at hand, and even if I had the larger one, it wouldn't fit inside existing barrel... so I will stick to what I have at the moment.. It is not hard to print another one anyway in the future, it only takes time (this adapter used 6 hours to print @99% fill)

Gary, thank you for the link, I knew about this design (whenever I need something to do by 3D-printing, I always check Thingiverse first - if not for suitable design, then for ideas). I was considering it but..
To fit 6 eyepiece barrels, the hub of this design needs to be quite large (and even larger for 2" eyepieces), so the optical path is significantly longer than optimal backoff for C11.. my design as it is has that distance much closer to recommended value.
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