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Originally Posted by Ittaku View Post
What was your final verdict on colour? I recently picked up the QHY version of this sensor and am curious too. Using the below graph the sensitivities in each colour translate to 1:1.23:1:28 but that's at wild odds from what's been recommended here, so obviously that's not how it works. Also firecapture 2.7β is giving me 0-255 ranges instead of 0-100. The manual says you have to white balance it but only gives example numbers without saying if that's a recommendation, citing 161:128:255, which should like the ballpark ratios more in line with what I'd expect based on other camera usage. Poor English in the rest of the manual makes it hard to understand just wtf they mean about biasing colour.
Hi Con, as far as I know, FC treats ASI and QHY cameras differently due to the driver file it comes with. On ASI cameras you only get to choose Wred and Wblue, but in FC 2.7 Torsten added a Wgreen "offset" as a multiplier. Whereas (I believe) QHY allows you to set a value for all 3 colour parameters, which can be varied between 1 and 127 with a midpoint of 64. This is just my best guess, based on what I've seen on CN.

So, assuming that the ASI462MC's values are Wred=69 and Wblue=86 with the Wgreen offset of 0, then the QHY462 values might be
Wred = 88
Wgreen = 64
Wblue = 110

Torsten replied to this assumption of mine here

Hope this helps, unfortunately I cannot help with your Linux issues though ...


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