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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
Hi Stefan. Not sure I understand why you want to change. Your camera has a modern chip with quite high QE - the same as the DMK72. Aptina put almost all of the camera on chip, so its unlikely that Celestron has mucked it up - its should be a sensitive, (probably) low noise camera. Provided the software allows you to select out part of the frame as a region of interest (ROI), you should be able to retain full resolution but at 640x480, which will give you a good framerate for planetary imaging. Having 5mp is great for lunar imaging and the 16 bit data stream might even add some limited possibilities for deep space imaging.

Have you found some problems with the Neximage5?
Nah not at all. I just wanted to get some opinions if it's worth moving to an Imaging Source Camera because I hear a lot of good things about them.

The imaging source camera has a slightly higher frame rate at say 640x480 (DMK at 60FPS with Neximage around 52).

The higher resolution is fantastic, I have used max before on the moon and the detail is fantastic but it's a shame it's only around 6 FPS.

Glad to see what different people think .
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