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STF3800 filters and filter wheel.

I've just purchased a SBIG STF3800m imager and I guess I need to start thinking about som filters and a filter wheel.

The conundrum I have is this, do I go SBIG 36mm or standard 2" filters. If I go the sbig route everything fits nicely together and is convenient as the filter wheel plugs into the camera, minimising cables. But this route locks me in. I've been looking at the Bader LRGB and narrow band filters, but SBIG offer the Astrodon filters as well but they are more expensive is the much difference in the two? Then there is resale value, 36mm is pretty niche.

If I buy the 2" filters and filter wheel, I'll be able to use them with what ever camera I buy in the future, but will 2" filters on this camera and 714mm focal length cause vignetting?

Am I missing something?

Thanks s
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