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That is by far the BEST travel scope for my needs! I have been looking for a while since my previous post on the topic of something big to take hiking.
I think I will be contacting that person...Thanks a bunch for the Link mental4astro...I could not better that out of all the searching I have been trying...I know there are a lot of other options, but for a backpack...that is more than doable.

I think mods could be made if needed to keep the mirror in better nick for longer...but I would have no idea where to start on such a project...

If only people would sell things like this...still though...I'm up for the project...looks like I wont be topping that one...

Thanks again!!!
Edit...I'll take this into the ATM section now...its great finding travel scope designs...but it sure is hard finding actual detailed plans or a complete dummy's guide...:

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