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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
I have a null adaptor which is a nosepiece without any glass. If you use any nosepiece with the MPCC you will get bright secondary reflections on bright stars. Not too bad on the UV/IR but a shocker with the clear one. For example you won't be able to image the HH or the pleiades without reflections but a lot of other targets won't be affected, like diffuse nebulae (i.e tarantula, eta carina, etc...)

When doing narrow band there is no need to have extra glass in the optical train. Just your NB filter and the MPCC on top of the null adaptor.
Yo Marc, i was under the impression that you couldnt do NB imaging with an OSC Camera, and if you wanted to image at different wavelengths, then you had to do this via mono and a filter, isnt this the case?

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