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Originally Posted by Octane View Post

Do yourself a favour, spend the money and get a few of those. RB will back me up on this.

Narayan, what ever you do don't use tissue, even if it's supposedly good for lens cleaning.

H and I always recommend the Lens Pen, (Johnny Extreme also uses one).
It's the only thing I trust on my lens collection with to clean the front element.
I've even used it on my eye pieces.

If you do buy it, make sure you get the original, not a copy.
It's so good that there are lots of 'Chinese type' imitations out there.

Also, (and not everyone will agree with this) but I highly recommend buying a UV filter like Alex suggested.
It's the first thing I put on a brand new lens and it never comes off after that.
The only caveat with this suggestion is that you need to buy a high quality one like a Hoya Super HMC Pro1 series, it's super slim which avoids any possible vignetting effect on DSLRs and multi coated so you get the best possible light transmission and avoids colour shifts and flaring.

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