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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
For those wanting to give it a try, you have to:

1. install program
2. connect camera to pc with usb
3. start program - hard drive clicks, but nothing written
4. on camera, press Set (Liveview appears on camera screen)
5. on camera press magnify button - screen and PC now display 5x image
6. Click write in program to record
7. Click stop and you're done
(don't worry about DOF - only works with a lens attached)

Hi Folks...a bit of help needed here.

I tried the above steps & many permutations of the above steps but cannot get the camera to connect. I cannot get liveview on the utility.

I always get a blank liveview screen or the utility program flashes "cannot connect..."

When I connect the camera I cannot select liveview. The computer is connecting to the camera (the red led flashes) & it prompts for download of files. I shut this off & try the utility... same same ...I cannot select liveview.

For some strange reason I managed to get it to work & record once..but never again.

Any ideas????


Ahhhh ignore all the above. Installing the Canon utilities from the Canon disc fixed it all. Works like a brought one now! I leave this post as others may face the same problems.

I get 22fps on main computer & 20 fps on the lappy.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a 3.5mm mono audio jack so I can plug the camera video output straight into a portable video player. This is so I can try liveview focus on a larger screen without the lappy. Just playing around.

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