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I'm pretty sure this is going to work nicely, even if it won't have the framerate of a DMK. Had a bit of a fiddle last night, but didn't have access to the net and hadn't read the instructions properly - looks like getting into the 5x zoom mode is essential - which I HAVEN'T done here - wasn't smart enough to figure it out in the dark with the internet....!

Anyway, this is my first ever imaging effort on saturn, using Canon 450D at prime focus on 8" newt + 2" 2x barlow + 2nd 1.25" 2x barlow and about 30sec of video stacked in Registax, blown up later by factor of 3, thus the nasty pixelation. Don't think I did the image any favour in registax either whatever I did - definitely a newbie in there!

Keen to have another try with 5x zoom on. For those wanting to give it a try, you have to:

1. install program
2. connect camera to pc with usb
3. start program - hard drive clicks, but nothing written
4. on camera, press Set (Liveview appears on camera screen)
5. on camera press magnify button - screen and PC now display 5x image
6. Click write in program to record
7. Click stop and you're done
(don't worry about DOF - only works with a lens attached)

I used Virtual dub to convert MJPEG to AVI pre Registax.

Can't wait to have another try when time allows.

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