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Its only a column of dust

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Great report, makes me wanna go out but I cant Was going to this morning but I was tired, and when I did get up at 5.30 (too late!!) it was anyway overcast!

Your description of M83 is interesting - as not alot can be seen from the city! In my 10" it is basically a bright core with a very faint hazy non-descropt circular envelope. I MUST take my 12" to a dark sky site! While you were in the area you should've checked out NGC 5078, which from the city looks like a small elongated, spindle shaped haze but I suspect it would be a fairly impressive sight from the country due to its large angular size and dark lane.\

During your Observation of M105/NGC3384, did you spot the fainter and elongated NGC 3389? Other good galaxies in the immediate area are NGC 3338 and NGC 3377. Leo I (UGC 5470) actually looks like a rich globular with very faint stars on SIMBAD, appears to stand out better than other dwaf galaxies so maybe possible with a 4-5" under truly dark skies. Might give it a shot with my 12" but my northern sky is pretty light polluted and I'd be surprised if I see anything.

M104 always amazes me - I can see the lane at 56x in my 10", at higher mags it is sensational - one of the best, IF not THE BEST telescopic galaxy in the entire sky.

There's ALOT of great galaxies in the Hydra/Centaurus/Leo/Virgo region for a 4" under dark skies!! I made a list of the best ones which I will check out next time I can go outside.

Re the Pencil Nebula - don't feel bad, I can't see it with my 12" from where I am.

Btw, going hiking in 36 degree weather before a full night of astronomy is not smart my friend

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