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Ngc 1262

Hi All,

If you are interested in seeing these ultra distant objects, here's another one that is apparently visible in a 10" 'scope (I'm told) -- NGC 1262 in Eridanus.

SIMBAD provides an R/V of 34674km/sec from a red-shift of z(~) 0.123198 that gives a look-back time of about 1.58 Gly. It is apparently the most distant object in the NGC that was discovered visually. (Francis Leavenworth)

Here is a note I made with my 46cm f/4.9 at x247 in 2011 at Mudgee under a dark sky with an SQM-L reading of 21.77:

This galaxy appears to the NNW of a loose bunch of stars magnitudes 11.5 - 13. Small, nondescript and quite faint. Round, only about 20-30" diameter brightening slightly to centre without core or nucleus. Pretty LSB.

"Quite faint" isn't too bad in my books. Very faint and extremely faint are worse than that so I'd suggest that apertures around the 10-12" might just be a chance of snaring it in excellent conditions.



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