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Getting back on track finally, except for clouds of course !!

Got the Toucam working through the 80mm f5 for guiding using Metaguide and GPUSB on the laptop.
Added my beam splitter from an earlier project into the optical chain which gives me a 12mm reticule EP at the same time.

Then got FireCapture working to the ASI120 from the desktop for imaging via the LUNT which meant I could put it back together with the TEC and fan\radiator. So I cannibalised the 5v\12v switching box from the Newt, mounted that to the pier and wired it separately to the TEC element and the fan so I can also switch those individually. It's all plug'n'play now.

Then to tidy up and minimise any interference possibilities I rerouted all power cabling to the east side of the pier and imaging cables (2) to the west. The only signalling cable to the west side is the ST4 guiding. The AC line goes to the scope heater, and the rest are DC anyway.

I can switch cameras between scopes easily target dependent and I can mount the SONY DSLR to any as well.

Just wish I could manage the weather as easily ..
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