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Originally Posted by LewisM View Post
The new (actually, quite old, since it is a rehashed Pentax SDUF) Vixen VSD is quite a LOT more expensive than a new FSQ85, and still more than a NEW FSQ106EDXIII (unless you add the Q reducer, which makes them near identical in price and in f-ratio).

I LOVE Vixen products, but I would prefer an FSQ106 over the VSD in all honesty. I did recently contemplate importing a Pentax SDUF from Czechoslovakia, but decided on an FSQ85 instead.

As to robotic focus on Taks - a cinch. Either Robofocus (have specific adapter frames for the FSQ85 and 106) or Sharpsky Pro - little more awkward making the adaptation, but nothing unreasonably difficult. I am contemplating automating focus (AGAIN), and would likely go Sharpsky AGAIN.
i do not think it is just a "rehashed " version of the pentax at all, i think it is a FAR superior beast to that fast version
perhaps you say it is rehashed because they have a similar style focusser and lots of the big companies are petzval design now
i have read in the past non glowing reports on the pentax f4(?) with unacceptable aberations etcetera, it must be a pig of a design to get close to perfection but i dont think the pentax was one of them
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