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Recommendations please on wide field scope

Hi all, inspired by some of the wide field images from Astrofest I am looking at a wide field scope.

I currently have a 925mm focal length refractor so have what I would call the "mid field" covered but I would like something wider probably a refractor around the 400-500mm range.

These are the things I would like, I realise I may not get the lot in any one scope:
  • 400-500mm focal length
  • As fast as possible
  • ability to take weight of an STT8300 CCD camera and filter wheel on the focuser and/or ability to take an automated focuser
  • Ability to project an image circle to allow coverage for a full frame DSLR
  • Flat frame across field
  • Ability to take a reducer to widen the field further
  • Decent dew shield
  • Decent optics
I have done a bit of research but I would appreciate feedback from those on the forum using wide field setups and what works for them and what they would do if acquiring a new wide field scope.

I have a decent mount for the setup to go on with plenty of capacity so no issue there.

Appreciate any recommendations.

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