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Photography - Kinder

Be patient, please. I need help.

So I took RAW photos of the fog (was supposed to be a meteor shower?). I have several hundred of them. Shot on a Pentax K100D, they are in Pentax's PEF format and are about 11MByte each. I also covered the lens at the start and at the end and took around 10 darks each time. Shooting for 30sec @ ISO 800.

Point 1: Boy, my chip is noisy (see attached) - but I had already gathered that would be the case from what I have read. So this is about learning some procesing basics, not producing quality images!

Point 2: How do I process? I gather I need to average the darks, then subtract from a light and see what happens. But how? Pentax software doesn't seem to have anything useful. I have added the plugins so I can open PEF files in Irfanview. I also have the Adobe convertor and have converted some into DNG files (they are about 5-6MByte compared to the 11MByte PEFs). I have Photoshop Elements (PE), but cannot see options there for averaging images. Also I cannot see how to open PEFs or DNGs in PE. It asks me for lots of information about the file - pixel width and height I can supply but "interleaved" etc?

So any handy hints for the uneducated photographer would be gratefully received. I cannot anything in the "Articles" to help me.

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