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Well, have been trying to install my new Argo Navis over the last couple of days ..... has to be the dodgiest installation ever.
Have finally installed both encoders - no drill, so a bit of a mess hammering in, then screwing the screws, then I had them in wrong position, so did it all again!! RRRggghh. Anyway, all on, even tho I have somehow managed to put the altitude one on wrong side of rocker.
Today have been putting in data - home, lat and long, mount etc.
Dont know about the daytime test .... havent got anything outside to focus on - sea ast the front, and bush at the back
Not sure if this is necessary, but will give it all a go tonight, fingers crossed.
Been wading through the manual, trying to take in the important bits ,
hopefully I can get out tonight, do my 2 star alignment, and Bingo
Probably something else I need to do though
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