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Originally Posted by norm View Post


PS: Does the AN forum talk about the history of the AN and how and why it came about?
Hi Norm,

Thanks for the post and Happy New Year!

Firstly I will address your question regarding future developments.

All consumer electronics has a finite market life. However, in designing Argo Navis,
we ensured that its dual CPU architecture would provide plenty of computing
power and we used FLASH memory so its firmware could be upgraded over time.
This has helped ensure it provides lasting value and for example we are
currently working on the next free firmware upgrade.

When it reaches the end of its market life, which is quite a way of yet, rest
assured we will be there with the next generation hardware and software.

Sounds like you may have missed one of my presentations over the
years where we talk about the "Making of Argo Navis". We have given
presentations to ASNSW including at the SPSP, to attendees at NACAA,
at the Queensland Astrofest and to the Central West Astronomical Society.
I will post some excerpts on this thread here.

Thanks again for your post and we appreciate your support.

Best Regards

Gary Kopff
Managing Director
Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd.
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