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Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
Thanks gary

having a good look at my az bolt tonight and scrapeing off a little epoxy I realised the old man didn't machine the bottom bolt/bush out of one piece of brass as I had always thought.. I now have two seated brass bushes
18mm od which are currently drilled to 5 /16 which can presumably drilled out a little more to take an encoder ready bolt ?
Hi Graham,

If enlarging the hole, possibly think about accommodating some bushes
with 1/2" (12.7mm) I.D. We could supply an encoder-ready Az pivot
bolt that would slip right into them. In this instance, the encoder would be
mounted above the pivot bolt. Therefore you need to ensure that there
is sufficient clearance as the edge of the OTA passes over where the top
of where the encoder will be. Watch out for any fans or collimation nuts/bolts
to make sure they won't come into contention either.

An alternative is to keep the bushes there and fit a 5/16" Az pivot bolt
which then goes to a timing pulley/belt arrangement. We have exactly something
like this for the LightBridges and mounts such as the GSO truss 16".
Check out the images in the Az installation instructions for a GSO truss 16
on our web site here to see what I mean -
This arrangement has a slightly lower height profile compared to mounting the
encoder directly into the bolt, if clearance is an issue.

Best Regards

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