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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Hi Tareq,
I’ve been imaging with a GSO 6” f6 newt and a GSO 8” f5 newt for some time now just using a 9 year old Canon 600D APS-C sensor and can image most objects in the night sky ( excluding wide field Nebula )
I also do planetary imaging with the same scopes using BYEOS and Televue powermates with my DSLR

I don’t know what all the fuss is about
6” f6 newt cost me $299
8” f5 newt cost me $470
Canon 600D was my wife’s old camera which she never used
I use low end Skywatcher HEQ5 and EQ6-R mounts
PHD2 guiding
Collimation is really easy after you have done it a few times ( takes 5 minutes )
Image scale is around 0.80 arc sec per pixel
Here are just some objects I can fit in my FOV with both scopes -
M42 Orion
Lagoon Nebula
Trifold Nebula
60% Carina Nebula
Omega Nebula
Tarantula Nebula
All globular clusters obviously
Rosette Nebula
Jewel box
All galaxies
Most open clusters
And the list goes on and on

Here are some of my images with these newts in both Bortle 8 and Bortle 3 skies
I also have a 12” Goto dob newt for observing
Hope this information helps you in some way
Very nice images or results, that is why i try not giving up with Newtonian, i can collimate my 8" F5 easy, i tried it several times and it became just fine and not an issue, the only issue if i move to faster Newt or if i buy a reducer to convert my F5 to faster one, so does collimation become more difficult going faster?

How do you rate your 12" Dob? Can you use it for imaging also mainly planetary? I don't like to do planets with scopes less than 10", even 10" i see it less because i already saw results from something like 12" and 14" up to 1 meter, so it printed in my mind that i will never buy any scope less than 12" for planetary, i do have 7" Mak for that and my 8" F5 and i still want much more and longer for planet, so i don't need to stop going larger for that, 2 years is enough for me to know and decide how large, but i can't go with SCT because they are more expensive than Newt for same exact aperture, i mean even 8" SCT is much more expensive than 8" or 10" Newtonian.
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