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Originally Posted by TareqPhoto View Post
1. Collimation, how to solve or deal with that? Collimator? i have 3, is that enough?

2. Central obstruction, what does this do to the final image? spikes? I don't mind spikes, if something else then what else?

I don't have to go with a Newt as a must if it has some issues people don't like, i just added to the list because i saw enough great results out of Newtonian and they are cheap some of them, i mean i can get for example 6"-8" in same price of 4"-5" refractor or even cheaper, and it doesn't have colors issue, but i feel like i am moving in a closed circle, many go with a triplet or APO refr and i try not go with that because of high end saving, and if i go with the Newt i will feel like people will blame or believe that i will only face issues and headache or i won't get nice results, i really feel i am lost or i feel like i don't want to do anything, coming from photography and what i spent in the past really did a bad negative attitude on me, so that i feel like i will never buy anything in astro until i am 1000% sure, not just follow all people whatever they choose and regret later.
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