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Originally Posted by sunslayr View Post
If your heart's really set on a Tak, then I'd keep saving. For me I found that my SW Esprit 100 is more than enough. It strikes a balance between price, aperture and portability with comparable performance to a Tak (Comparison). I guess If i were to upgrade I'd go with something like a Tele Vue-NP101 for a flat visual field or maybe something a little bigger. Have a look around on reviews and astro-bin maybe something like a SW 120ED could suit you has a 765mm focal length with the reducer, I'd doubt you would have trouble selling it.
Maybe, you are right, but since let's say 2018 i keep reading all around and it all leads to high end such as AP or Takahashi or even TEC140 which is also nice popular high end scope, but i made my mind on one thing so i keep that and try not to change it to save for it, i saw the Esprit examples and i read about people reviews or impressions about it, but i saw few who upgraded from Esprit or Stellarvue or WO for example to Takahashi or TEC, so that was enough for me to know that people are moving from great to superior, why don't i want a superior high class then if i can save and afford later?!!!

For now, i still can use my lenses, and my 8" F5 Newt, and i can buy more Newt as i don't need to get rid of Newt really even if i have high end refractors, a Newt is a different type, but i feel like they are less wanted over another types such as refractor or SCT, so i am still not sure if going with another Newt can be a good idea or not, and i also mentioned about cheap doublet that is maybe semi APO, but sounds even this is not a nice choice by many, it is either a great triplet or SCT or high end Newt or RC, i feel like i have no choice but the least voted ones.
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