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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Tareq, honestly there is nothing wrong with an 8" f5 Newt for imaging. Learn the craft on that before you go adding to the collection. For DSOs you will need a good coma corrector, like a Baader MPCC mk3, and I assume you have an adequate mount. For planetary you will need to look at a Parracor etc to get you the necessary focal length multiplier.
If your heart is set on a good triplet APO, don't compromise with cheaper colour handiacaped Doublet refractors, ED or not all Doublet are compromised.Your Newt has no colour issues, keep that in mind.
Good luck.
I have to explain or clarify some points for you to be more clear about it:

1. I do have a corrector, Skywatcher F4 Aplanatic, i can get Paracorr but not now, not yet.

2. I tried 2x and 5x Powermates with my Newt and it didn't work, i couldn't get to the focus at all, either with extensions which is making it worse or without extensions, my focuser isn't a low profile and i didn't buy one, i only replaced the stock focuser single speed to a dual speed Crayford, it works without any Barlow or extender, many told me to move the mirror, this is not gonna happen as i tried moving the primary mirror a bit to maximum and didn't work, so i will never drill it to move the secondary, i will keep it for DSO only then, and i always and forever wanting larger than 8" for planetary no matter what.

3. I got this 8" F5 brand new as cheap last piece, for distant galaxies and some clusters, so i don't need to push it for another targets and then i will be forced to surgery my scope, i am willing to buy another one, not giving this 8" F5 which i didn't use yet, but for some targets mainly those in Cygnus i need to go wider than 1000mm, even wider than 700-800mm, so that i asked about something like 6" F4 which gives ~600mm, nice for QHY163M, i even can buy two because i am still planning to buy another CMOS 16mm mono camera but maybe ASI1600mm this time to accommodate my high quality 1.25" filters better than QHY163M.

4. I included a very cheap doublet only because i don't want to regret it once i buy a Takahashi scope, it is in my plan or wishlist and i will never stop saving for it even for long time, so it means any cheap APO as triplet will be a waste and a lose if i buy a Tak later, some told me buy now and sell later, i have so so many items lying around waiting to be sold and they aren't sold yet, so i will never make this mistake again, if i want a Tak then i better go directly to the Tak even if i save for years, so in this case it is either very cheap doublet less than $500 or none until i buy a Tak, and you know any doublet less than $500 brand new it won't be that great and it will show color issues somehow although many said with NB it is not a big deal, so what about getting three achromatic refractor then and use different NB filter with each or even each has RGB filter individually and each will be focused individually?

I am open to more opinions and suggestions, but i have my own plans that i try not regret later, i have different situations and mind than others, many are willing to buy cheap or used, i try to avoid that except something cheap that can last longer and i don't need to get rid of it if i upgrade, for example i have a 7" Mak, amazing for the moon and not bad for planetary, but i will never use it for planetary forever as i don't like the results while others liked mine a lot, but i will not throw it if i buy a larger scope for planetary, it is still nice for the moon, or if i want a wide view of planets to show moons sometimes, but if i have a Tak FSQ, no APO triplet/doublet will see the light again then.

Not very rush of the above options, but since last 2 yeas i ended up with scopes issues only, i mean it is time for me to update my scopes collection, one for DSO and one for planetary, and i already did research and it sounds my options are very tight due to my current budget mainly and my future plan also.
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