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Thinking about a scope ... or just to wait???

Hi all,

It is really so bad and difficult in this time with many issues and crisis all around and with very tight budget or so bad financial situations, making all kind of decisions like a "Mission Impossible".

So, i am still thinking and thinking and thinking and came up with those which are maybe not yet the last plan, but at least i narrowed it down to that, so if you have to choose or go with one of the following regardless if you may change later, what will you get really [with reasons if possible please]???

1. 12" F4 Newtonian [for planetary imaging only]

2. Two 150mm [6"] F4 Newtonian [DSO imaging]

3. Two 130mm F5 Newtonian [DSO]

4. Cheap cheap affordable doublet semi APO or ED refractor [DSO]

5. 0.73x reducer for 200mm [8"] F5 Newtonian [DSO imaging]

All above are for imaging only, i have 8" F5 and i have a mono cooled camera [QHY163M] and filters, so it is only about telescopes now, i am still not using my 8" F5, but i know even before i use it that it won't fit all targets in my mind, it will do nice job for small targets anyway, but i feel like i still prefer a wide field more, and i won't get SCT or triplet refractor, so only above are my very soon choices, otherwise i just stop AP and keep waiting to save and go with high end or larger scopes within my maximum saving after 1 year or two, i have a plan to buy a high end expensive refractor so any those affordable triplets are out of my plan and mind, and SCT is so so much expensive than Newtonian or Dobsonian so i won't waste money on that, also i don't want SCT just it can do DSO and planetary because that is requiring extra accessories and also more expensive to be honest, just before going SCT or triplet route discuss why any of above isn't a good idea to think about.

Any further details you need i am willing to answer, and remember, it is not yet confirmed or as a final plan, but i want to think about it as i have to decide on a telescope within April/May to start.
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