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For some nebula like Orion and the reflection nebula right near it, LRGB are preferred right? Ive seen some NB only versions of Orion and lets just say it wasnt for me. So i guess right there, im going to need to get LRGB filters for those targets, and for natural coloured stars.

I did read somewhere that you could use some kind of NB mixture combination (probably in Pixelmath) to get natural looking star colours from only NB images, and ill probably try it out to save imaging time (even if i have the LRGB filters). If anyone knows that formula, please let me know

Finally, how important is the L filter vs the Ha filter? Does an LRGB image more or less look the same as a HaRGB image where Ha provides the L channel. Could i forego the L filter? (again, moot point as ill get it anyway.. but just curious).

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