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Originally Posted by Tinderboxsky View Post
It sounds as though you have done well given you thought the seeing was ordinary. What scope and magnification were you using.
Down here it was a brilliantly clear night with high transparency but alas abysmal seeing. Jupiter's disk was boiling even at only 62X. Not a chance of seeing the shadow ingress.
I contented myself with some low power exploring of the hidden gems in and around Carina.
The reversal was also a slow affair, with the shadow touching the limb at 22.18 and finally exiting at 22.29. (Note, I amended my previous post, as I made a typo re the time)

I used my Vixen 115mm and a 7mm Delite EP (127x).

Steve, Carina certainly is a lovely area, where the more U look, the more U find!
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