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Originally Posted by Tinderboxsky View Post
I was watching the shadow transit and egress this evening too. My first observation of the shadow was about 30 minutes before egress and yes it was quite close to the northern polar region which certainly shows up the 3 dimensional nature of our solar system.
I then returned about every 5 minutes to see the shadow gradually approach the limb. For the last 5 minutes I observed continuously to see the shadow kiss the limb and then gradually form a notch in the limb. The half way point was quite clear and then the notch gradually decreased and eventually disappeared as the shadow moved away. I enjoy the sense of motion in our solar system that these observations reveal.
Seeing was good and transparency poor but good enough. I was observing at 160X: VixenNA140SS with LVW5.
It all happens again tonight from around 8.20ish. Ganymede throws the most distinct shadow of all the moons on Jupiter. Steve's observation, which I have quoted has inspired me to be particularly interested in the first few minutes when the shadow touches the disc of Jupiter, before the full, round shape of the shadow has not yet formed.

Clear skies everyone!

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