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Originally Posted by skysurfer View Post
I found the StarAid which is an 'intelligent' auto guider, i like the concept, but IMHO it is still immature....
I imagine an eyepiece sized device with a small camera in it (like StarAid) which has some similar AI based software in it like plate solving, but rather than guiding a camera, it has an 'eyepiece' on it in which shows the actual part of the sky with a kind of HUD information which part of the sky it is, altitude, RA. declination, etc. The user can also use a connected smartphone / tablet screen. The display displays which part of the sky is shown and on a connected smartphone app one can fill in an object which you want to see. The app shows how you must move the telescope (like StarAid it can determine whether it is an AltAz or EQ mount) and in the eyepiece arrows are shown. WHen finished, you can pop a real eyepiece in it....

This is just fantasy, but is it viable ?

Idea ?

Very viable. Your idea presents as a typical AR (Augmented Reality) application. Precedents include MS Hololens, Google Glass/ARCore, RockwellCollins F35 Helmet, etc.

As always, our problem is selling enough for this niche hobby to bring sales up, and costs down to a tolerable level. Thanks to AR APIs, the first realisation of your excellent idea will probably take the form of an open source effort. This being delivered by a gifted individual, using a cannibalised mainstream AR solution (like the optical emitter and CPU of a google glass unit forced into a large EP.

I hope it happens. Needless to say, that gifted individual is not me.
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