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Originally Posted by Merlin66 View Post
I disagree....
The SSD drive is almost mandatory for fast frame solar/ planetary imaging.
absolutely mandartory I say for fast imaging. hdd is ok for laptop drive with a usb3 ssd just for capture . anyone saying else is getting dropped frame (ie data loss) and /or using their cam below its performance. since the original question didn't include details we can only guess. for specific hardware/software control see manufacturers minimum system specs.

Merlin's gaming laptop covers all uses with ease, so if you can pick up last generation gaming laptop for cheap (and you can if you look) it'll work well for years for most uses.

Personally I say to avoid using the machine for anything except specifically one use like capture. No internet. no processing. and isolation means stability and no worries. capture direct to external usb3 ssd device, then you can plug into any other machine for backing up safely and processing.
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