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Greg, might be an idea to share specs and model of the $400US models you're thinking about along with applications as people have said (is it guiding and long exposure acquisition, or any need for high frame rate planetary). Anything else you might be tempted to run or play with worth sharing too.

Other things I'd suggest thinking about:

- screen size (very small, light portable "netbooks" can have small screens and lower res - its nice to be able to read what you're doing and spread out your applications though)
- dimmable and backlit keyboard (really miss this off my old laptop surprisingly)
- decent USB

Most new laptops nowadays will have at least a couple of USB ports (3 is nice for astro), SSD not essential but nice for fast booting, ensure you have enough space (unlikely to be an issue).

I've bought my last couple of laptops as refurbed units from local auction site. Usually have full warranty and you get a bit more power at lower cost - if you have anything like that nearby.
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