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Hi again,

I have another response from the store, unfortunately its not super clear and is as follows:

"ok, if your EOS doesn´t have an full formated chip, than these
adapter will work:

Not the M42 one, the thread here differs from the T2!

2” focuser – MPCC – TSOAG9T2 (11,2mm) - T2-EOSs (0mm) – Canon (44mm)

--> 55,2mm and this should be possible with the MPCC."

I assume that means it will come out at a distance of 57mm as the , does anyone know if this will this affect the performance of the MPCC?

Unfortunately he didn't send a link to the T2 adaptor required.

I think the link following is meant to be the TSOAG9T2 as listed above but is listed at 3.5mm which would bring the MPCC to a distance of 58.5mm, even further from the 55mm.

On another note is the T2 opening going to introduce vignetting?

Maybe i should have put this thread under astrophotography discussion as someone must have a DSLR, OAG setup. i am battling to get a handle on this i read elsewhere that if using a T2 adaptor the prism gets blocked by the threading...
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